Restaurant Accords

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Restaurant Accords

The restaurant approached me to basically redesign the whole space. I had limited time and budget but had lots of fun designing and making stuff myself. I did scientific lamps, all the tables, sandblasted the chairs and varnished them in a gradient of stain, and redid the upholstery on all the chairs and banquets. I redid the bar, created a funky mirror installation in the bathroom and a concrete countertop, made some wood bar lamps, and created an installation of thousands of wine corks in the lobby. A lot of it was done with recycled material.


Designer and contractor : Karim Zariffa
Wood tables : Simon Johns
Lamps : Karim Zariffa + Ben Bryant
Mirors : Kyosuke Nishida, Brian Lee, Jean-Constant Guigue
Intern : Christian Turmel + Frederic Bouin
Concrete counters : Lucas Abouchaar
Photos : Ludwig Ciupka + Nik Mirus